Get someone else to say it!

Almost every organisation has some kind of brochure or leaflet which aims to give an overview of what they do and why they deserve their place in the market. Sadly in lots of cases the very first paragraph informs the ever-so-appreciative reader of the date the company was formed and the genealogy of the MD! Here’s a little tip – save that for some other time. Start with the here and now and promote the benefits of your products and services up front.

What’s more, it is really powerful when your customers say wonderful things about you. Word of mouth is the best source of advertising so use it to your advantage. When The Elim Academy came to us with the idea of a brochure to promote their programmes, we started with WIIFE (What’s In It For Me!). Rather than tucking customer testimonials in at the back, we made one of them the head line act to demonstrate early on that The Academy was seriously worth looking in to.  

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